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Jim Beam® always mixes with the best.

Just like our bourbons, created with skill by the best in the business, we put creativity and technique into our cocktails. Learn some of your own tricks, inspired by Jim Beam’s finest.


For drinks like an Old Fashioned, Muddling is a must. A muddler is a small wooden pestle shaped like a baseball bat. When you combine ingredients at the bottom of a mixing glass and press them together with a muddler, flavors mingle and infuse to create a sensory experience.


In recent years, layering has become more and more popular - like the Black Cherry Cooler. To layer a drink, pour the ingredients in a shot glass, from the heaviest to the lightest. To prevent them from mixing together, carefully pour over a barspoon (or teaspoon). Because they differ in density, the layers will stay separate. To properly layer a cocktail, you’ll need to know what your ingredients weigh in relation to one another. One good rule of thumb is that the lower the proof of the alcohol, the heavier it is (Jim Beam Black® with 86 proof (43% vol.) is heavier than Jim Beam® Bonded with 100 proof (50% vol.) and grenadine is among the heaviest ingredients).


Shaking came to prominence in the 1930s and has since become the undeniable symbol of cocktail society. There are two types of shakers. The traditional shaker is usually made from stainless steel and has three parts, including a built-in strainer. The modern shaker has two parts—a Boston mixing glass and a top. Shaken drinks are usually made by filling the shaker up a third or half with ice and pouring in the ingredients. Next, seal the shaker and shake rhythmically until the shaker is cold enough. Finally, strain the shaker's contents into the proper glass. Just remember to never shake carbonated ingredients.


This is the least common cocktail mixing technique, but some drinks simply can’t be made without an electric blender. Drinks containing fresh fruit or ice pulp should always be made this way, for example a Kentucky Margarita. When blending, mix the ingredients in the blender with smashed ice. Blend for about 10 to 30 seconds before pouring the blended cocktail directly into the proper glass.


Building is the simplest way to make a cocktail like a Jim Beam® & Cola. Just carefully pour all the ingredients in the glass (mostly on ice) and enjoy. Building is primarily used to make cocktails that include carbonated ingredients.


Stirring is a classic method for cocktails including a Jim Beam® Mint Julep. Fill the mixing glass almost full with ice and pour in the ingredients. Stir well with the barspoon – at least six complete rotations. Finally, strain into a cocktail or a mint julep silver cup.

Jim Beam® Bourbon

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